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Listen to the Gospel Over the Radio

The Lamb

Gospel Anointed Internet Radio

Live 365 went out of business. Currently looking into new streaming services. I will keep you posted.

The Lamb has been broadcasting since 2007 and begins 2015 with new innovations. The internet is a unique way to bring you a radio station and there are over 3000 stations broadcasting on Live 365. Today, the Lamb is ranked #19 in the country. Thanks to you, the listener “The Lamb” continues to grow in popularity world wide. Our gospel programming begins at 6am daily to 10pm nightly. The Lamb is broadcasting Smooth Jazz & Classic R&B from 10pm to 6am. You can hear Smooth Jazz & Classic Soul from 1989-1996 from Ken’s recorded shows from KCSB in Santa Barbara. New playlists will also be created for a great mix of old and new music from Gospel to R&B to Smooth Jazz.

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